About Us


Our company offers you a variety of products. They include large lighting screens and panels intended for use in sports halls, stadiums (football, hockey, basketball, handball etc.), concerts, advertising panels in towns, shopping centers etc.

- The whole display system is controlled by a standard PC with user-friendly operating software.

- Also the assembly of a lighting panel is very simple for our team of experienced experts thanks to the module system.

- The priority product in our range is the LED imaging system – from the simplest time and score indicator (for junior sports leagues),  to the “Full color” version.

- For football or athletics stadiums we can also offer a perimeter display, also with outstanding operational and lighting properties.

- LED lighting screens have several advantages over other imaging options. These include, for example, a thin panel option, long life, they may be used outdoors in the most adverse lighting and climatic conditions, they have low running costs and high luminance.