Perimeter display

Perimeter display, which has its own feature, is becoming popular. It has been a good media for advertising the LOGO of the famous company. And that is the reason why this business is beneficial for the rental company.

The Sport Perimeter display is most comonly used medium for advertising on the perimeter/boundary of football ground, cricket, baseball ground etc. for outdoor purposes and also indoor as well for basketbal, handball, ice hockey etc.

Top soft protecting cover (rubber) On the top of the cabinet, soft cover is fixed which is used for protecting the football player.

Locating column is like screw,which is for getting together two cabinets. Lock catch can fasten the two cabinets. Handles beside each of the cabinet, makes the carring an easy thing.

Receiving card

Signal sending box



  • multiplied file formats such as AVI, MOV, MPG, DAT, VOB are comprehensive and also we have three display mode as VGA+VIDE and VGA. There are interfacees for sound and video signal
  • 16,348 grade of grey control system and the colorrs No is over 16,7 mil. Brightness, contrast, saturation or chromo can be adjusted by manual or by sensor whose scope is 256 grade
  • show all kinds of word, text, graph, picture, video, 2D, 3D cartoon and other information with your PC does synchronously
  • Double-line technology is adopted for the picture adjustment
  • transfer data via connected PC and the web or the contet can by controlled via remoting (VPN)
  • The below is an example of the technical spec with reference to a 16mm outdoor LED perimeter display. For more info or other pixel pitch display please contact us on